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Damien Lee Thorr is a truly unique guitarist extraordinaire, who has been an acclaimed, gifted expert at the craft for many years. He has divided his time between being a mentor to many young musicians, including Paolo Gregoletto, bassist from TRIVIUM, as well as being a center stage performer himself. He has won numerous prestigious awards naming him best guitarist and is also quite proficient on other instruments including the Lute. Damien has also made time to record solo albums and play guitar for many theatrical productions including Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. His creativity knows no bounds: Apart from being a political activist, he is also a great artist, composer, author (horror erotica novel "The Vampire Journals", under the pen name Nigel Zachary Coutrwright) and is also a highly skilled luthier who builds some of the group‘s fine hand-crafted guitars.

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